How to Sell Your House In 5 Days On Your Own in Dallas, TX

how to sell your house in 5 days on your own in Dallas, tx

Whether it’s for avoiding foreclosure, moving out, or simply out of the need for money, selling your Dallas home can be a challenging yet rewarding task.

Although the basics of this will definitely involve a bit more thought and effort to push through with, it’s a perfectly acceptable decision to simply hand off this task to a professional real estate broker.

While this might be the preferred choice of most, selling a property on your own is also a valid and reasonable option.

Although the “For Sale By Owner” option might be more difficult, you may find it to be more profitable and worth your effort to push through with it on your own.

Here’s an overview of what we will cover:

  • Benefits of selling your house on your own
  • Tips on how to sell your house in 5 days

Why Sell a House On Your Own?

It is widely known that taking on a real estate agent to sell a property is an effective and stress-free way of dispatching your former home. As well-known as this is, it is not exactly the fastest and most profitable choice to pursue.

While it might require a bit more elbow grease from your end, selling a house on your own is actually the best choice.

To help cement this point, here are three major benefits of selling a property without the help of a real estate broker.

Your personal knowledge will come in handy

Although an agent is equipped with well-honed sales techniques and is skilled in delivering a pitch, your own personal knowledge of the house will come in handy for making a sale.

As you yourself had lived in the lot for quite a while, you have prime knowledge of what it’s like to be in the area.

Through this, you can deliver an honest pitch that you know will connect with your potential buyers. A careful retelling of your experience as a resident can easily showcase the best bits of living in that house. 

By pouncing on this connection, your client starts building a personal connection with you, thus making it easier to sell the house.

This, of course, will only remain effective if you stick with the truth—as later on, they’ll definitely expect to feel what you felt living in your former home.

You won’t have to pay commissions

The initial reason that many property owners have for not handing off the job to a real estate agent is to avoid the need for paying commission.

Commission rates are pretty steep, often asking for a percentage rate of at least 3% of the total sale.

This, in turn, will push them to try to drive the price up, not just to give you a better deal to mitigate the commission, but in order to raise the income as well!

By handling the sale on your own, you’ll immediately be taking away this burden on your finances.

You will no longer need to push for higher prices to mitigate the agent’s cost, and you can give an even better price to your potential buyer as you transact. 

This won’t just make your house easier to sell, but it will also secure a larger amount to go into your personal account rather than in someone else’s pocket.

You will have total control

The biggest reason for not hiring a real estate broker is to have total control over the proceedings.

When an agent comes along, they’ll take the entire process away from you, leaving you to simply nod and say yes to each of their demands—be it having things repaired, or the ceiling price, or even the negotiations.

When handling it on your own, you’ll be the lead in the transactions. You get to decide which repairs need to be done and which things to prioritize over others.

Beyond that, you get to set your own terms in negotiations, giving you the advantage no matter how you move.

How to Sell Your House In 5 Days On Your Own

One of the biggest concerns in selling a property on your own will be the difficulty in pulling it off.

Although it will definitely be a challenge, following through on some basic sales strategies can quickly find you a potential buyer for your former home.

To help you in this regard, here are three easy tips on how to sell your house in 5 days.

1. Attach a fair price

Attach a fair price to your home

As basic as this sounds, your home’s property value will be one of the biggest factors to help you sell it quickly.

As tempting as it may be, don’t overshoot the value of your home—while sentimentality will understandably cause the price to jump up, there’s very little value in a feeling of attachment to your former home.

Give your potential buyers a fair price to start with. This can at least get potential buyers to take the first step into inquiring and viewing your home.

While targeting low from the onset will definitely get you a quick buyer, leave some wiggle room for them to negotiate—clients love the feeling of achievement when they get to lower the overall price even by a few notches.

2. Give it a clean slate

clear out family photos, personal art and get rid of clutter

While it can add value to your home to leave some furniture, try to give your house a clean slate from the occupants who previously lived there.

Here’s a list of a few things you can do:

  • Clear out family photos
  • Personal art
  • Get rid of clutter

Clearing out family photos or personal art can give your potential buyers a clean slate to imagine their new life in your home.

By doing so, they can take another step into integrating with the property, easing them up for you to make your sales pitch.

3. Improve the curb appeal

mowing your lawn can be an easy step, as well as some basic repairs to the immediate exterior.

As tempting as it sounds to sell your house as-is, performing some renovations can really enhance the curb appeal of your home.

First impressions do matter, after all, so ensuring that your potential buyers see a good, sturdy, and beautiful house from the onset can greatly increase your chances of making a sale.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand, a simple mowing of the lawn and trimming the hedges can be an easy step, as well as some basic repairs to the immediate exterior.

By presenting a clean facade, your potential buyers can feel a bit more at home and safe while you pitch them the property.


Just because a real estate agent can take the task doesn’t mean that they’ll give you a better experience selling property.

If you handle the process on your own, then you won’t just make more money, but you’ll also feel more fulfilled and happy when sealing the deal.

If you’re still not comfortable with selling your home on your own, at Cash House Buyers DFW, we buy just about any property in Dallas, no matter what condition they’re in! Get in touch with us today and have the easiest time selling your property.

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