5 Steps on How To Sell Your House Fast Dallas

how to sell your house fast dallas

Sometimes you need to sell your home quickly. Maybe you have a lucrative job offer in another state and need to sell your house fast Dallas. Many people need to get out of their homes ASAP to avoid foreclosure. You don’t need the hassle of having your credit report drop by 200+ points. Of course, there are various other situations in which you might find yourself wanting to offload your home as quickly as possible.

If you presently find yourself in one of those situations, you might be asking how to sell your house fast Dallas? Fortunately, we have five steps to help you leave your present home behind.

5 Steps on How To Sell Your House Fast Dallas:

1. Work With An Investor

The first step is the most crucial step you can take. Decide to sell to an investor. At Cash House Buyers DFW, we can buy your home with an all-cash offer. Since we don’t have to go through the appraisal process and obtain a mortgage, we can seal the deal in as few as seven days. We write you a check, you cash it, and walk away from your property!

If you are looking to sell your house fast Dallas, an investor can buy it, no matter what the condition is. Does your home need repairs? No problem. Are you facing foreclosure? We can help. No matter what the situation is, we can make a fair all-cash offer for your home that is guaranteed to close.

You don’t have to wait for your home to go on the market and see if someone might be interested in it. You don’t have to sink thousands into it to make it livable again. Give us a call, and we can make a cash offer for you quickly. The first step to offloading your property is to contact us.

2. Make An Appointment

Assuming your home meets our criteria, then we can set up an appointment to take a look at your property. While we don’t require a full appraisal, we do need to talk with you about your property more and make sure we have all the information necessary to complete the sale. We can make an appointment within 1-2 business days to discuss your home.

An investment company works differently than a traditional real estate agent. We’re not setting up this appointment to take photos or notes on your property to list and hope it might sell. We’re sitting down with you to buy your property. We’re looking at what we can realistically offer you for your home. No gimmicks, no commissions, no hidden fees – just an all-cash offer that, should you accept, you can take to the bank.

3. Receive An Offer

Once we have evaluated your property and determined it to be a good fit, then Cash House Buyers DFW will send you an offer. This offer will be a full written-up contract.

The offer you receive has no obligation. You are not required to accept the offer if you ultimately decide not to sell it to us. However, if you do take the offer, then we are contractually obligated to purchase the property. The choice at that point is 100% yours!

The fact that the offer has no obligation means that you are free to think about it as necessary. By contacting us, you’re not committing to selling – you’re merely receiving an offer that we feel is fair for your property. You can choose to sell your house fast Dallas and sign the offer, or you can decline it. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you do decide to sell it on the open market, you will have to pay real estate agents’ fees. Typically those run at about 6% of the purchase price. Therefore, if we were to write you an all-cash offer of $300k for your place and you were to list it with a real estate agent and receive an offer of $300k, you would have come out $18,000 ahead by selling to us.

There are also no other hidden fees or commissions. Sometimes, we can even pay closing costs for you. For these reasons, we believe you will find our offer to be fair and beneficial for you!

4. Close At The Title Company

Assuming you decide to accept our offer (and we’re pretty sure you’ll do that), we’ll initiate closing at a Dallas-based title company. There will be some papers that you will need to sign that will transfer ownership of the property to us and release the funds from escrow.

5. The Last And Most Important Step: Enjoy Your Money!

Once you have finished the closing process, the money will be in your hands. You can now do whatever you want with it! If you’d like to use it as a down payment for a new home, you can. Or, if you’d prefer to have a party with it, then you can do that too. What you do with your windfall is entirely up to you.

You won’t have to worry about bills, property taxes, repairs, listing fees, mortgages, foreclosure notices, real estate agent commissions, and so on once you sell. After we take possession of the property, all those issues are our responsibility. You get to walk away, worry-free, and with a nice sum of money!

Get Out Of Your Home Quickly

There’s no secret to how to sell your house fast Dallas. All you need to do is sell to an investment company like Cash House Buyers DFW. We will look at your Dallas-area home, and we can give you an all-cash offer in as little as 24 hours. No real estate agent or traditional sales channel can beat our speed.

Contact us today and let us put in a fair offer or your home. There is no obligation, but we are relatively confident that you will find our offer works for you. We want your home, and we’re willing to pay the cash you need to obtain it!

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